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"How to

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with MARK ANSARA an 
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Toronto, Ontario, Canada 

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011
at 6:00 pm Eastern Time.


Outside the Grenadier Restaurant,
at the foot of the stairs,
beside the bicycle parking area,
High Park, Toronto.

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Free meeting or you may offer a donation.

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To: High Park Station

Note: The seasonal bus into the park, # 30B, runs only on weekends and holidays, so allow for extra walking time of 20 to 30 minutes.

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"Mark Ansara is one of the greatest scholars of our time. A trained scientist, he is an authority on Natural Hygiene, the TRUE science of health.

Mark maintains a very extensive reference library upon Natural Hygiene and related subjects.

Among his areas of professional training and experience are medicine, biology, anthropology, theology, comparative religion, ufology, parapsychology, electrical engineering, nutrition and Natural Hygiene.

Mark is also an advanced spiritual master, to which he brings several lifetimes of study and experience. It gives him great pleasure to be able to serve Humanity in this capacity."

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Upcoming Suggested Topics  

  • The Evil New World Order Conspiracy:
    Who's responsible, their Future Plans, and What You Can Do to Stop IT
  •  2012: The Coming Crisis and How to Survive
  • Keys to Physical Immortality: A Gift to Humanity for the Coming New Age
  • The Greatest Secret in Human History: The True Origin of the Flying Saucers
  • New Technology for a New Age: Suppressed Inventions and Forbidden Knowledge
  • A Simple Program for Developing Your Dormant Higher Mental and Spiritual Powers.

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“Preventing and Reversing Ageing”

"Contrary to popular belief, what we usually term ageing, i. e., the slow and progressive degeneration of both body and mind into decrepitude and senility, is simply another form of disease. It is not a natural process and it is completely unnecessary. That's right - it is totally preventable, even reversible to a large extent.

"Natural Hygiene offers a solution to this, just as it does to every other symptom. Come out and join us as we discuss this and the means to prevent and reverse ageing.


As Natural Hygiene teaches that all disease is unnatural and unnecessary, and that glowing, radiant health is natural and normal, and if we regard ageing (degeneration) as falling under the category of disease, it follows that ageing is not natural or normal, and it can also be prevented. Furthermore, hygienic methods of assisting in recovery from disease have shown that ageing can, to some extent at least, be reversed. A key principle here is that no symptom occurs without a specific cause (the Law of Cause and Effect). In other words, no degeneration can occur unless there is a prior cause for it. Thus, as we say in Natural Hygiene, if we can identify and remove the cause or causes, the symptom(s) will automatically disappear.


Now, it has been said by some hygienists that there comes a point of no return, from which complete recovery is not possible. I am taking exception to this point, and thus, when it comes to reverse-ageing, I am going beyond what has been accepted by the experts heretofore. One of the main concepts that I base this conclusion upon is the fact that I have both direct experience and personal observations of the use of an all-raw/live foods diet; persons living upon such a diet either age very slowly or not at all. I think that the real reason why hygienists have not endorsed that is that very few so-called hygienists actually have lived for any length of time upon such a regime. This diet is one of the key factors in achieving regeneration.

There are other factors also, of course. The full range of the elements of healthful living is necessary to be truly healthy. And I submit that perfect health is necessary for full regeneration. Natural Hygiene in its full program and ramifications is necessary to achieve perfect health. One hygienic factor that has been shown to help reverse ageing is fasting. Another factor that I consider to be essential to regeneration - and in this I am also disagreeing with some of my colleagues - is sex retention or continence. That is, the retention of the life force (and the seed or sperm in the case of males) in the body. As we continue to practice continence, the bodily vitality will gradually increase, presumably (I say presumably because, as far as I am concerned, this is an unproven theory, but one that I believe to be valid.) to the point where complete regeneration will occur. I also endorse sun-gazing as a means of increasing the body's vitality, i.e., looking directly at the sun for brief periods of time, thus absorbing solar energy directly into the central nervous system. My Natural Hygiene colleagues tend to disagree that bodily vitality can actually be increased, but I think that this is one method to do this.


All of the above factors may be necessary to achieve physical immortality. One other factor that needs to be addressed is the effect of the environment on the health of the living organism. That is, we must recognize that pollution in our environment, including chemicals in air, water, soil and food, as well as EMF pollution, directly and adversely influences our health. So, ultimately, to achieve a perfect world and regain immortality, we must clean this up. Thus, it will take some time, perhaps several generations, before this can be fully accomplished.


We must realize something else along the lines of that last statement. At one time, humans were perfect and did possess immortality. It is, as I said, natural for us. All of our myths, legends and religions endorse or teach this - that there was, long ago, upon Earth, a Golden Age, a Garden of Eden, a Valhalla, a happy hunting grounds, an earthly paradise where gods lived. The religions also promise that we shall one day have this restored. The fact is that we long ago were cast out of the Garden, expelled from paradise, due to our own original sins. I interpret that to mean our violations of physiological laws, the pollution (toxemia/toxicosis) of our bodies, resulting in great degeneration. We no longer walk and talk with the gods, simply because we have lost the ability (temporarily); we have forgotten who we really are and of what we are capable. We are gods, but we have degenerated and fallen asleep and forgotten it. And now is the time to awaken and regain our amazing potential. One thing I can add here - it has been claimed in certain literature (channelled writings) that we have dormant strands of DNA in our cells, specifically that there are actually twelve such in the human genetic code, but that the one or two we have discovered is the only part that is currently active in most humans, and that if they were all active, we would have, among other things, physical immortality. This might explain, in part at least, why there are such phenomena as child prodigies, geniuses and savants; why not all humans, while potentially equal, are not quite equal in fact. It could also explain why we see spontaneous phenomena such as ESP and psychokinesis. These abilities are dormant within all of us, but few ever understand or develop such abilities.


The question we must then ask is how do we reawaken our dormant abilities?

I answer: "By the methods outlined above, particularly Natural Hygiene."

I hope that this is helpful."


Mark Ansara

Here's a short 3 minute call
 to introduce Mark's advanced theories.

Please click on the link to your right to listen.
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Mark Ansara and Dianne Knight

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"A Message Of Hope For The World"  

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Here is an audio recording of a previous interview with Mark, 

"A Message Of Hope For The World, Spiritual Growth"

recorded Sunday March 8, 2009.

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