"Clean" and "Dirty" Water Filters 


Left:  WHITE  - a new water filter

Center:  OFF WHITE  - about 1 month old water filter

Right:  DARK BROWN / RED  - This filter is 6 months old, when taken from my Water Purification System in January 2010, located in Barrie, Ontario, Canada. It shows the huge amount of iron in the water that has been trapped by the water filter. In my opinion, this iron is an inorganic form of iron that is not in a safe form as found in food. This inorganic form of iron cannot be utilized by the body. I have chosen to have my Water Purification System absorb the inorganic iron instead of my kidneys, liver and other parts of my body!

Please read a section from the book "Materia Medica Pharmacy, Pharmacology And Therapeutics", by W. Hale White for various theories of how iron works in the body.

Get our filter or be a filter!

~ Wayne Gendel, President, Forever Healthy



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