'Eat 80% -100% Whole Organic Pure Fresh Ripe Raw Plant Foods!' 



Forever Healthy Events makes no claims whatsoever and any health and/or wellness related information and/or opinions on our entire site or related in any of our events is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, mitigate, and/or cure diseases or conditions with any information, advice or system(s), product(s) or equipment.


Any health and/or wellness related information and/or opinions on our entire site and/or related at any of our events is for educational purposes only. None of the information and/or opinions nor use of system(s), products(s) and/or equipment sold at events should be misconstrued as medical advice. This information on this site has not been evaluated by Health Canada nor the United States Food & Drug Administration nor any other administration or institution unless otherwise stated.

The information and/or opinions, and/or use of system(s), product(s) or equipment on our entire site and/or sold at any of our events are very powerful and may give you the immediate results you desire. The ultimate responsibility for your choices and their effect(s) on your health and/or wellness are yours.

There are many factors in all health and/or wellness conditions and a full professional consultation is suggested, to ensure that you get the long term results you desire. Please always consult a health and/or wellness care professional.

All information on this site is the intellectual property of Forever Healthy and/or our event organizers and is protected under copyright law.  


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