Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) ~ Recommended Reading

Currents of Death

by Paul Brodeur

(Paperback - Sep 1989)

Controversy over the potential hazards of electromagnetism from neighborhood power lines has moved from the lab to the courts, as school districts and community groups mount protests or lawsuits against utility companies. New Yorker staff writer Brodeur convincingly argues that evidence exists that exposure to such radiation may cause cancer and other illnesses. Low-level microwave radiation poses another danger, he compellingly shows, as Cape Cod, Mass., residents discovered when an Air Force radar station built in the vicinity apparently led to abnormally high levels of cancer. Brodeur details and disputes scientific studies that claim such radiation is safe. He implicitly charges that a cover-up of the dangers has been engineered by industry, government, regulatory agencies and academia. He also reviews studies suggesting that computer video display terminals (VDTs) may induce cataracts, birth defects and miscarriages, and briefly assesses the potential hazards from electric blankets and electrically heated waterbeds. First serial to the New Yorker.
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Body Electric

by Robert Becker

(Paperback - Oct 26 1989)

The Body Electric tells the fascinating story of our bioelectric selves. Robert O. Becker, a pioneer in the filed of regeneration and its relationship to electrical currents in living things, challenges the established mechanistic understanding of the body. He found clues to the healing process in the long-discarded theory that electricity is vital to life. But as exciting as Becker's discoveries are, pointing to the day when human limbs, spinal cords, and organs may be regenerated after they have been damaged, equally fascinating is the story of Becker's struggle to do such original work. The Body Electric explores new pathways in our understanding of evolution, acupuncture, psychic phenomena, and healing.



Cross Currents

by Robert Becker

(Paperback - Dec 1 1990)

Becker explores the healing potential and adverse effects of electricity. Many alternative therapies attempt to tap the curative abilities of electromagnetism, and Becker thinks they are often effective modalities which do not have the dangerous side effects of chemotherapy, radiation, and other mainstream medical procedures. On the opposite side of the coin, he reviews the potential dangers of electromagnetic fields from such sources as common household appliances, power lines, and computers--risks exhaustively exposed in Paul Brodeur's Currents of Death ( LJ 10/1/89). This accessible book is recommended for public libraries.
- Judith Eannarino, George Washington Univ. Lib., Washington, D.C.
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Electromagnetic Fields: A Consumer's Guide to the Issues and How to Protect Ourselves

by B. Blake Levitt

(Paperback - Sep 17 1995)

A frank, informative book explaining what electromagnetic fields are; what illnesses may have a strong connection to EMFs; how the safety of homes and offices can be determined; what action citizens can take toward protection. Illustrations.  



Cellular Telephone Russian Roulette

by Robert C. Kane

(Paperback - June 2001)

Review by Karen Stern "aspiring tastemaker" 

This is a kamikaze book, and would, if it got the attention it deserved, eviscerate the cell phone industry. If I were Robert C. Kane, I'd hire a bodyguard. The men behind the megabucks being raked in by the wireless industry can't be happy about a book like this. In lucid, readable, decisive prose, Kane, an industry insider, systematically dismantles the wireless industry's pretense of product safety. There is no pussyfooting around here about how there "may" be health concerns, as the February issue of Consumer Reports puts it. Kane starts right in on page one by stating, "Talking on a cellular phone can be likened to holding a microwave oven to one's head." Check out the last two chapters, "Public Deception I" and "Public Deception II", and the quotes from Carl Sagan and Ayn Rand. Powerful stuff. And then throw away your cell phone.



Cell Towers: Wireless Convenience? or Environmental Hazard?

by Starling W. Childs, Graham Davidson, and B. Blake Levitt

(Paperback - Nov 2001)

"Finally, a publication dealing with the very timely and important issue of cell towers. Following Levitt's excellent overview of the problem, the book takes us through relevant scientific and regulatory issues in a thorough, easy-to-understand manner. This is an essential reference work for laypersons, as well as those in science, policy development, regulation and legislation." - Jerry L. Phillips. Ph.D., Bioelectromagnetics consultant; former Research Scientist, Cancer Therapy & Research Center, San Antonio, Tx and Pettit Memorial VA Hospital, Loma Linda CA

"The continued proliferation of this radiation constitutes one of the most significant alterations of the natural environment, with the possibility of major impacts on human health. Ms. Levitt's compilation of the presentations of the Cell Towers Forum - along with additional scientific evidence, up-to-date regulatory provisions, and abstracts of pertinent legal decisions - is unbiased, authoritative and represents the opinions of recognized experts in the bioeffects of electromagnetic radiation. This book should be required reading for all planning boards, environmental groups, and concerned citizens." - Robert O, Becker, M.D., Biomedical sciences consultant; author of "The Body Electric" and "Cross Currents."



Electrocution of America: Is Your Utility Company Out to Kill You?

by Russ Allen

(Paperback - Jan 2008)







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