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Hippocrates Health Institute

Over Thirty $500 Hippocrates Scholarship Grants

Life Transformation Program

Located in West Palm Beach, Florida; 3 week Copper Class, Shared Accommodations

Living Foods

The foundation of the Hippocrates’ program is based on consuming food in its purest form: fresh, organic, and enzyme-rich, offering the body the highest nutrition with the lowest expenditure of energy in order to allow the body to focus on detoxifying and healing. In addition to buffet-style lunches and dinners, the program includes fresh, organic green juices two times a day and wheatgrass juice therapies.

"Attending Hippocrates will transform your life after one week!
Since attending in 1985, I am still eating raw."

~ Wayne Gendel, Longevity Coach

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Helping Hands


Life Transformation Program




$500 Scholarship Grants


The Helping Hands Program, created by Permacharts, brings together businesses and health enthusiasts to communicate the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Helping Hands has been funded through the generous support of the Hippocrates Health Institute along with other leading companies involved in the raw food industry.



The Hippocrates Life Transformation Package is a renowned, residential three-week program that you can experience in a tropical retreat throughout the year. The Institute’s doors are wide open to guests with a wide array of needs, whether it be curing themselves of devastating disease or simply learning to take their good health to an uplifted level.



Excellent health is not only possible, but achievable!

That’s why Brian Clement, PhD, Co-Director of The Hippocrates Health Institute, has enabled The Helping Hands Program (created by Permacharts) to offer these Scholarships to help you take that important step to achieving your goals. Availability is limited.
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You’ve read about it, heard about it, and maybe even dreamed about attending the world famous Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach, Florida – and for good reasons:

• It’s ranked the number one holistic teaching spa in the world by Spa Magazine.

• It’s a world-famous retreat for those seeking optimum health, wellness and rejuvenation.

• Attendance at the Hippocrates Life Transformation Package
is in high demand and Scholarships are rare.
Reserve your stay now!



At the Hippocrates Health Institute, you will be assisted in exploring the full spectrum of natural approaches integral to the restoration of your well-being. You will receive:

• Superior nutrition through a diet of organically grown, enzyme-rich food, juice-fasting and cleansing.

• Personal guidance during your initial detoxification process, nature-trail walks, daily health lectures and the use of modern therapy facilities.

• Varied exercise programs from yoga to aerobics in ozonated pools, massage and homeopathy.

Hippocrates 3-Week Life Transformation Packages

Each guest enjoys three weeks of meals, accommodation and over 90 hours of lectures and hands-on training at the renowned Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach Florida.

This specially priced offer is part of an exciting initiative between Permacharts, Hippocrates and leading raw vegan businesses. The purpose of the Helping Hands Program is to connect, educate and motivate the raw vegan community and spread the virtues of the Raw/Living Foods vegetarian lifestyle.

Recipients will be asked to voluntarily complete a short questionnaire about health and wellness and to provide feedback about their experience at Hippocrates upon their return. This feedback is crucial to growing the raw vegan movement and making the Helping Hands Program better.

  Regular Price ...................... $6,114 US Funds
    Helping Hands Scholarship ...... $500
* US Funds
  Total .................................. $5,614
US Funds

In appreciation for their valuable feedback the recipient will be able to purchase a Hippocrates 3-Week Life Transformation Package at the very special rate of $6,114 US Funds. Save $500 US Funds off the regular price of $6,114 US Funds. The Helping Hands Program receives a limited quantity of these limited offers so you will need to respond early in order to avoid disappointment.


Please inform your friends, family and colleagues of this very special offer. People that want to turn their life around or are battling a life-threatening illness will be very interested in attending Hippocrates. If you are a raw vegan or health and wellness related business then the significant savings that you pass on to your customers will be greatly appreciated.

Permachart Reference Guides

  • Food Combining
  • Wheatgrass Juice & Green Drinks
  • Lifestyle
  • Optimal Digestion
  • Juicing
  • The Raw Kitchen
  • Superfoods
  • How to Store Goods
  • Detoxification
  • Dehydration
  • Natural Home Remedies
  • Dips, Dressings & Sauces
Permachart Reference Guides

To purchase any of the raw vegan charts, please call Forever Healthy    416.962.4400 or Toll Free 866.962.4400, www.foreverhealthy.net.


1.    What is the Helping Hands Program?
The Helping Hands Program is an initiative created by Permacharts to bring together leaders and leading businesses to raise awareness in the raw vegan movement. Helping Hands was created to connect, educate and motivate the raw vegan community.

2.    How can I learn more about what Hippocrates Health Institute has to offer?
Hippocrates is a magical place that has transformed the lives of tens of thousands of people over the years. Ranked number one by Spa Magazine, Hippocrates is the biggest and most prestigious institute of its type. Visit www.hippocratesinst.org for more information on the many outstanding programs, treatments and services that are offered there. Once you have made your decision to attend, contact the Helping Hands Program to place your order.
3.    How do I purchase a Hippocrates 3-Week Life Transformation Package through the Helping Hands Program?
This special offer is available only through the Helping Hands Program. To apply, please contact Wayne Gendel at Forever Healthy

Please quote the promotion code "FH-HIPPO-2015" when inquiring.
You can pay by credit card (VISA, MC, AMEX), cheque, money order or wire transfer. Make cheques payable to “Permacharts/Helping Hands Program”. If accepted, your registration will be sent to you by registered mail.

4.    How do I book my stay at Hippocrates?
Once you receive your registration you will be able to contact Hippocrates directly and reserve your stay as per their usual booking procedures. Detailed, step-by-step, instructions are clearly provided on the registration form.

5.    Is this special offer available elsewhere?
No, this special Scholarship offer is available only through the Helping Hands Program. This is made possible because of the generous support from Hippocrates and other leading raw vegan businesses and organizations.

6.    Where is the Hippocrates Health Institute located?
Hippocrates is located at 1443 Palmdale Ct, West Palm Beach, Florida 33411. The Institute is readily accessible by road and train. The nearest airport is West Palm Beach airport.

7.    What is included in the Hippocrates 3-Week Life Transformation Package?
•    Organic raw buffet (twice daily)
•    Wheatgrass and green juices (twice daily)
•    Blood work and live blood analysis
•    One massage per week; one colonic per stay
•    Consultation with a Health Administrator
•    Stress evaluation and targeted counseling
•    Over 30 hours per week of educational and demonstrational classes to teach the why and how of the raw vegan lifestyle
•    Additional therapies include: 4 ozonated pools (no chlorine), infrared sauna, therapy beds, electromagnetic, frequency and crystal therapies.

Wayne Gendel

Wayne Gendel
Forever Healthy

* To apply for your Scholarship, contact Wayne personally and please mention the Special Forever Healthy Offer Code: 


416.962.4400 Toronto
866.962.4400 Toll Free


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