"Knowledge talks, Wisdom listens"

Homemaade Raw Chocolate

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Learn how to make

Homemade Raw Chocolate Fudge & Mousse

Great for your Valentine!

Contact: Jeanette Sousa

Tel: 416.807.5483

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learned about the healing properties of living foods and decided to incorporate raw food education into her growing natural health practice. 
This journey included networking with like-minded people and connecting with suppliers of ethically-superior foods and products.

Jeanette holds a Bachelor of Science degree and spent many years in the corporate world and then, in 2002, to pursue a more joy-filled life, Jeanette began working closely with Wayne Gendel of Forever Healthy.

Jeanette is a certified Qi Gong Instructor and is currently training in Ayurvedic Medicine.

Being a mother has cultivated her passion for bringing balance and rhythm into peoples' lives and understanding the body's healing magnitude with Living Foods.

Jeanette is a dynamic health and life enthusiast, lecturing about her expertise of the Living Foods Lifestyle, and she loves chocolate! 


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