'Eat 80% -100% Whole Organic Pure Fresh Ripe Raw Plant Foods!' 

'The Finest Energized Water Purification Systems Since 1995'


"Until man duplicates a blade of grass, nature can laugh at his so-called scientific knowledge." ~ Thomas Edison

Host Forever Healthy Lectures

Forever Healthy

is committed to education!

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A Series of Dynamic & Inspiring Lectures

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Coupled with dedication to research,

Forever Healthy’s approach helps inspire,

while simplifying with leading edge clarity.

We serve at the forefront of the Health and Wellness industry.

We offer a variety of dynamic lectures, all part of our Forever Healthy Complete Life Extension Health Program, helping incorporate keys to success in all areas of well-being.

Lectures and workshops can be customized to address a specific niche or group, or to cater topics of special interest.

Wayne with Jill Hewett on "Anti-Ageing and Health", March 2003

Wayne answering questions at
"Total Health"
Show, April 2005

Wayne Works Out
Every Day!

Wayne on
"Body Mind & Spirit TV",
Toronto, Canada with Raw Food Recipes,
May 2002

Jeanette and Wayne,
August 2009

SuperFoods & Supplements
* The World’s Top 35 SuperFoods! *
* 99% of Vitamin Supplements Sold
Are Not Food! *

 Life Extension /
Anti Ageing Program
* Discover The 7 Common Factors of
World’s Long Lived Cultures *

 Women’s Goddess
Health Program
* Ultimate Health in All Stages of a
Woman’s Life *

Forever WeightLoss Program 
* Have You Ever Seen an
Overweight Wild Animal? *

The Power of Water©
* Healthy, ‘Living’, Energized, Restructured,
pH Balanced, Medical Grade Purified Water! *

The Healthy Kitchen – Level 1
* Food Tasting Lecture:
An Introduction to Food-Gasms! *
Natural Skin Care 
* All Natural or Beware! *

Healthy Pet
* How To Feed Your Pet To Avoid the Vet *

● Forever Lovers Program
* The Art of Sacred Sensual Loving *

Cooking In The Raw 1
* Blend Your Way To Health! *

● Cooking In The Raw 2
* Food Tasting Lecture: A Multi Raw-Gasm
Taste Sensation! *

 Cooking In The Raw 3
* Advanced Food Tasting Lecture:
Raw-Gasm Ecstasy! *

 Juicing For Super Health
* Fresh Juices Super-Charge Your Energy! *

Forever Fitt
* Stronger, Faster, Athletic Master *

Detoxification Program
* Eliminate to Invigorate! *

Electromagnetic Fields Awareness
* Learn the Health Risks of the
Wireless Revolution! 
COMING SOON! Tropical Fruit
* Food Tasting Lecture:
The Magic of Nature’s Fruits*

Wayne with Jill Hewett on "Anti-Ageing and Health", March 2003 

What’s involved and how it works best:

• Host (You) arrange and advertise the event and acquire the space.

• Forever Healthy expenses are pre-paid by Host (i.e. food costs for event and travel and/or accommodation if applicable).

• A minimum quota of pre-paid attendees is required and established prior to each event.

• We negotiate a price that fits the event; either an amount per person or a percentage of sales.

• Host sells and profits from any Forever Healthy systems, products and equipment ordered at the event, calculated from the Wholesale to Retail Margin

Watch your relationships grow! 

Lecturing in health stores, trade shows, home parties, weekend retreats, lunch & learns
and alternative health centers, all parties successfully benefit. As well as providing a great new and desired service to empower your clients,
you win financially.


Wayne at The Big Carrot 


Wayne Gendel, and/or Jeanette Sousa can do short coaching sessions after events, and share monies with Host. As well, Host will benefit monetarily, from any recommended specific products for clients.


is a Longevity Coach, a renowned lecturer, raw foods nutrition expert and the Developer of the Forever Healthy Complete Life Extension Health Program. Wayne is a certified Hippocrates Health Educator, having studied at the world famous Hippocrates Health Institute, which was rated the World’s #1 Medical Health Spa in 2005.

Wayne has studied health modalities with world-renowned Dr. Ann Wigmore, Viktoras Kulvinskas and Brian Clement of the Hippocrates Health Institute, 
and is certified in iridology and colon therapy, deep tissue massage, and adept with kinesiology, and Kriya Hatha yoga.


Wayne has appeared on many health related television programs.

As well he has lectured for York University, Canadian Natural Health Association,
annually at The Vegetarian Food Fair, The Learning Annex, Whole Life Expo,
The New You Show and The Total Health Show.

Wayne has addressed health centers, corporations, health retreats and
various events across Canada.

Wayne has also appeared on teleconferences with Frederic Patenaude and on the
world wide Raw Mom Summitt (by Shannon Leone) with other top raw food notables.

Wayne writes articles regularly for NaturallySavvy.com and his own website, ForeverHealthy.net.


has been working with and training with Wayne since 2000. Jeanette has a B Sc, is a certified Qi Gong Instructor and is currently training in Ayurvedic Medicine. Being a mother has cultivated her passion for bringing balance and rhythm into peoples' lives and understanding the body's healing magnitude with Living Foods. Jeanette is a dynamic health and life enthusiast lecturing about her expertise of the Living Foods Lifestyle, and she loves chocolate!

"Find Joy in Every Moment and Please Live Forever Healthy!"
~ Wayne Gendel and Wellness Team



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