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We use only certified organic or naturally raised meat. Our bones are certified organic. The vegetables are also certified organic. All of these ingredients are locally raised and grown in Ontario.

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

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"We've chosen ingredients of the highest nutritional value for a pet, and left them in their raw state to maximize their absorption.

Why raw? Because our pets need live foods that truly nourish them. Only raw foods provide this. Cooking destroys nutrients—including enzymes, vitamins and minerals. We use only hormone and antibiotic-free meats, plus organic ingredients—which provide denser nutrient levels than factory farmed ingredients."

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"I hope you can attend our Raw Dog Live Teleconference. Kim is awesome, and I have known her for about 9 years. Kim has over 40 years experience with feeding dogs and cats raw foods.

She is an expert with their diet and maintaining their optimal health.

There will Q&A session at the end to answer all your questions about dogs, breeds, diet and what are the best foods for your dogs and cats. Kim has a thriving raw food pet business.

The Teleconference is ‘no charge’ and a special offer will be available the night of the call only."

~ Wayne Gendel  

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010
8-9 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
5-6 PM Pacific

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Pet Dogs That People Love Under Death Threats & Put Down 

I have been in the dog business for over 40 years. I have bred Rottweilers, competed in dog shows, Schutzhund trials, trained and now I am the owner of The Ultimate Diet, fresh frozen, raw pet food. Through all this experience I have gained a unique insight into the relationships between people and their dogs. 

I have always supported “Punish the deed not the breed”. I have many clients and friends including family members with Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, and mastiff type breeds. All of these dogs are well behaved and never bitten anyone. When I bred Rottweilers I always had to weed out the people who I knew, by interviewing them, that they were looking for a “tough dog” not a companion. It is these people that allow their dogs to become aggressive and anti social. These are the people that should not be allowed to own these types of dogs.

I have also met many dog owners of other unsuspecting breeds like Dalmatians, Golden Retrievers and some of the smaller dogs like Terriers that are also very aggressive and not to be trusted. For the last several years of my career as a trainer I specialized in aggression and trained many breeds. They were all the same; the owners had no idea how to be the “pack leader”. Once this was established the aggression was solved.

Breed Specific Legislation is a farce and will never solve the aggressive dog problem.

I would propose to not only sell licenses but to have a yearly

Canadian Canine Good Citizen Test™.

These are certification programs that test dogs that have the training and demeanor to be reliable family members as well as good-standing community members. The testing takes place in a busy public area, such as a shopping mall. Testing includes the following:

  1. Accepting a friendly stranger - The owner of the dog shakes hands with a friendly stranger.

  2. Patiently sitting for petting - A test for shyness and resentment.

  3. Appearance & grooming - The owner's care and sense of responsibility is seen in how his dog is kept.

  4. Out for a walk - Illustrating handler's control of the dog.

  5. Walking through a crowd - Demonstrating how the dog moves in a crowd without unduly distress and under his owner's control.

  6. Commands - Sit, Down, Stay, Come. Illustrating that the dog has been trained and responds well.

  7. Praise/interactions - Illustrating the relationship between dog and owner.

  8. Reaction to passing dogs - Demonstrates if the dog behaves politely around other dogs.

  9. Distractions - Demonstrates the dog's confidence when faced with common distractions.

  10. Supervised isolation - Demonstrates whether the dog can be left with someone other than his usual handler and still maintain training and good manners.

Any dog that jumps up on a person, lunges at another dog or displays unruly behaviour is automatically disqualified.

Note: CGC is a requirement for most therapy-dog programs.

For more information, visit the following web sites:
Canadian Kennel Club
Responsible Dog Owners of Canada


Kimberly Thomson
The Ultimate Diet

Pet Dogs That People Love Under Death Threats &
Put Down

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"Find Joy in Every Moment and Please Live Forever Healthy!" 
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