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Linda's Wellness: Awareness for those with MCS and/or EHS 


Linda Sepp is struggling very hard to find a safe place to live.

She urgently is asking for our help to locate a new home that meets her special needs and other basic materials to meet all her bare necessities of Life.


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Digital Photo “Five Pinks” courtesy of Dianne Knight.


The health and ability
for those with
environmental sensitivities
rests with
the choices and
actions of others

Canadian Human Rights Commission

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Facebook Fan of Linda

and join with all her supporters
by helping her through her
Linda's Wellness website.

Linda's Wellness



Linda's Divine Mission
is to start a

foundation/advocacy organization
to help others with
Multiple Chemical Sensitivities

(MCS) and/or
Electrical Hypersensitivities


"Find Joy in Every Moment and Please Live 
Forever Healthy!"
~ Wayne Gendel and Wellness Team



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