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Health Tip

GREENS for CALCIUM, Super Mineral!


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Inspirational Quote "Someone needs to explain to me why wanting clean drinking water makes you an activist, and why proposing to destroy water..."


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Wednesday Nov. 26
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Healing for Hospice

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Saturday Nov. 8, 2pm - 4pm


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Friday Nov. 28, 4 pm - 9 pm
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Jam Factory Co.
2 Matilda St.,
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Hot Health News

Erin Brockovich: "For over 50 Years Coal Fired Power Plant cooling tower biocides polluted our Drinking Water sources with Chrome-6... today the poison of choice is Bromide."

NEW POLL: 8 in 10 New Yorkers Support State’s Fracking Moratorium Vast Majority Prefer Expanding Clean Energy Over Fossil Fuels

Erin Brockovich: "You heard, right? Denton, Texas, the birthplace of fracking JUST BANNED FRACKING"

Los Angeles Unified School District’s Accommodation For Teacher’s Wi-Fi Concerns

Curtis Bennett "Dianne Knight, That is important to share across the board. The teacher has a WCB claim that can be substantiated."
25 September at 19:52

Health Tip

By Wayne Gendel

GREENS for CALCIUM, Super Mineral!

Health Benefits

There are a variety of vegetables that provide more usable and absorbable calcium than dairy, including kale, seaweeds, broccoli and sesame seeds. Calcium is readily available in many foods. Better yet, these foods are alkaline producing, so the body can actually use the calcium it gets from them.

10 Health Benefits of Ginger

Factors That Enhance Calcium

• Sunlight, Exercise, Sleep, Balanced pH Diet, Healthy Fats, Avoidance of Long Term Medications, Avoidance of Synthetic Vitamins.

• Exposure to SUNLIGHT increases both male and female sex hormone production.

• Over 80% of VITAMIN D production is synthesized because of the sunlight's effect on the skin.

• A good portion of VITAMIN D is absorbed through the pupil in the eye. To maximize your absorption, get at least 10-20 minutes a day of sunlight without wearing any eye-wear.

• The countries with the highest dairy consumption are also the ones with highest osteoporosis levels! Dairy is one of the most acidic foods on the pH scale and calcium is the number one mineral the body uses to buffer against excess acidity. The longest lived cultures and with low incidences of osteoporosis consume 250 mg a day of calcium.

• The CALCIUM in dairy foods such as milk and cheese is too low to counter all the acidity the dairy food causes! In fact you actually end up losing calcium when you eat dairy products, not gaining it!

• LONG LIVED societies and cultures with the least bone fractures consume 150-250 mg a day of calcium in their diet! It’s not so much the amount as the quality of food that is not overly acidic, leaching precious calcium.


SESAME SEEDS and SEAWEEDS contain calcium quantities by far greater than those of all other foodstuffs, including dairy. In 100 grams of sesame seeds (whole) the calcium content is 1,160 milligrams.

WAKAME (a seaweed) and HIZIKI (another seaweed) supply even more than sesame seeds — hiziki, 1,400 milligrams per 100 grams, and wakame, 1,300 milligrams per 100 grams.

Milk does not supply as much calcium as seaweeds, sesame seeds, onion, garlic, turnip root, turnip greens, radish, romaine lettuce, cabbage (green or red, and napa cabbage and bok choy), broccoli (and Chinese broccoli), dandelion greens, collard greens, Swiss chard (and red chard), parsley, leek, celery, watercress (and other cresses), frisee (curly, slightly bitter lettuce), and kale.

Cabbage, chard, celery, and broccoli, parsley, kale, collard greens, turnip greens, garlic, dandelion greens, and watercress bear more than twice as much calcium. as milk.

Watercress contains 270mg calcium per 100g; Parsley contains 203mg calcium per 100g.

SPIRULINA, a food grade algae, contains 5x the calcium of milk.

Wayne Gendel,
Forever Healthy


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Wayne Gendel


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