Recommendation for Dianne Knight

May 21, 2009

"Dianne is extremely knowledgeable and thinks we all can live according to ideal ethics.

She is a devoted truth seeker helping others reach their full wellness potential.

Dianne is very well rounded and an activist on many natural lifestyle and environmental issues.

Dianne has an vibrant positive enthusiasm and is an excellent coach for attaining a new level of well-being."


Wayne Gendel
President, Forever Healthy

Longevity Coach & Developer of
Forever Healthy’s
Complete Life Extension
Health Program

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by Wayne Gendel of Forever Healthy
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Call now to help
yourself achieve
being in a state of
constantly sharing
Humanitarian Love,
finding inner Peace,
increasing your mind's
abilities and
concentration levels,
while bouncing with
natural energy
and creativity!

Love and Light,

Dianne Knight, B.A.




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