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AquaMagna Magnetic Descaler

AquaMagna Magnetic Descaler
A 'No-Salt', Natural, Green Alternative to Conventional Water Softeners

AquaMagna Magnetic Descaler

AquaMagna holiday

Before the Holidays Special

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$250 CAD for Canadian Residents SAVE $25*
$250 USD for United States Residents SAVE $25*

+ $25

U.S.A. Residents Regular: $275 USD
plus $25 USD Shipping Each Set of 2

Canadian Residents Regular: $275 CAD
plus Shipping Included Each Set of 2

Solving your hard water problems has never been easier than with the technology of the
AquaMagna Magnetic Descaler

AquaMagna Magnetic Descaler

no salt

Residential Magnetic Water Conditioner:
Two Part System
Cold Water & Hot Water

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Our no-salt water softener and descaler is a salt and chemical free water softening method. Not only is our system easy to install, it works to protect your hot water tank in the long-term.

The AquaMagna Magnetic Descaler technology is:

  • Designed with high-strength barium ceramic magnets
  • Inexpensive compared to traditional water softeners
  • Installed by the user in seconds with no tools or plumbing required
  • Maintenance free
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Energy efficient - uses no energy
  • Salt free
  • Chemical free

Forever Healthy Water
"2 Pure H2O" Vita Tech
Triple Purified, 
Living, Alkaline Water!

Wayne Gendel

* This special promotional offer cannot be combined with any other offers and has no cash value.
Offer is valid for phone or email orders.

"Find Joy in Every Moment and Please Live Forever Healthy!"
~ Wayne Gendel and Wellness Team

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