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Q. Why do we want to be "alkaline"?

A. Different parts of the body need different pH levels. At a cellular level, there are two factors working together to keep our energy up. 

The interior of each cell is alkaline.

So it's incredibly important for the Interstitial Fluid to be correctly alkaline because if it's not, the power cannot flow, the tiny antennae that detect germs and so on cannot work properly, and we lose energy.

It's also important to realize that we are never just acidic or alkaline. We change by the hour, even the minute, and our body is a marvel of design and engineering as it shunts around alkaline minerals to neutralize excess acids within minutes of them entering the body.



Q.  I understand that you say that an organically grown  lemon will help me to alkalize my body, and other people say the opposite.

What's the truth?

A.  It is true that if you plunge a pH meter into a lemon it will read as acidic. However, once you have consumed (burnt up and converted to energy, thereby metabolized) a lemon, what is left is known as alkaline 'ash'. It is what is left from of all of our foods that determines our acid/alkaline balance, not the pH of the food we are about to consume.

After food has been completely burned up and converted to energy, the leftover minerals are what makes up our mineral content and therefore our pH or acid/alkaline balance. Unfortunately many other factors affect our pH balance, including pollution, stress and our own body's metabolic wastes.

We are not "what we eat". Physically, we are made up of whatever we assimilate from food that is inside our bodies after we eat it. 

This process can be further improved with good spiritual and religious beliefs, meditation, prayer and a positive attitude.



Q.  Why would I want to upgrade from a Reverse Osmosis (RO) or Distillation System?


A. Unlike Reverse Osmosis (RO) and Distillation, which remove all minerals, leaving the water dead and acidic, our systems produce water with health giving alkaline minerals including magnesium and calcium, after removing harmful contaminants. Water from RO and Distillation is very acidic (pH 4.5-6.5) ,and contributes to the over-acidity of our bodies. Alkaline water helps counteract acid / alkaline imbalances. Because RO and Distilled waters are mineral deficient and strongly acidic, there are warnings from a number of physicians not to drink them on a sustained basis.

While RO and Distilled waters are strongly oxidizing, alkaline ionized water is a proven powerful antioxidant, equivalent to freshly squeezed orange juice (without any added sugar).

Having been completely demineralized, RO and Distilled waters and most bottled waters are understandably flat tasting. The tastiness of water from our systems is one of its most immediately noticeable fine qualities; it brings delighted responses from everyone! Along with this, is its superior hydrating qualities, due to the ionization. This is one aspect of what happens in nature when water is allowed to bounce over rocks and waterfalls.



Q.  Now that I understand the differences between an RO, a Distiller and the
"2 Pure H2O" Vita Tech Water System, can I keep my existing unit and add on only the extra stages?

A.  Unfortunately, this would be too much work to do the conversion  rather than starting fresh; so the answer is "No", for practical reasons.



Q.  Why do you add minerals back into the water?

A.  We use minerals to maintain our balance and they must come from somewhere. Without a ready supply of alkaline minerals how could our bodies balance anything? These are the same minerals we spoke about in the "lemon" question, and the great advantage of drinking water loaded with ionized alkaline minerals is that they enter our the bodies without metabolism occurring; that is, they go straight to work!




The Mitochondria, the power producer of the body, swims in an alkaline sea inside the cell's membrane. Outside, the Interstitial (between cells) Fluid is saline, alkaline and mineralized. This is the fluid that transports nutrition to the cells. The cell allows it in after checking it with its many receptor antennae that swim in the alkaline fluid. Once inside, the Mitochondria consumes it and converts it to energy - electrical energy. Here's where the miracle of life repeats itself billions of times a day. Through the tiny antennae that protrude into the interstitial fluid, and via the actual cell membrane, electrical energy is transmitted. This process permits the cell to pass the energy as electricity from positive to negative, just like a car or household wire passes power! Consider for a moment the effect of poor conductivity, from acidic to alkaline. Energy flow would be greatly reduced.

Interstitial Fluid 



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