"The Superfood That Saved My Life" with Sheron

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Sheron's Testimonial


Sheron says
"I was bedridden for 14 years,
on life support
most of the time"
and lost everything.

After multiple vaccinations
she was
not able to work.

Sheron had just reached the point of giving up on her dreams of better health
and a successful future, when she was introduced to an amazing superfood …
... and it was the only thing
that worked to help
Sheron Conquer Her Health Back."

~ Wayne Gendel,
     Forever Healthy

* Note: Sheron's testimonial does not imply or claim that her advertised results are the typical or ordinary experience of any other consumers in actual conditions of use. 



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"The Superfood That Saved My Life" with Sheron!

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Sheron interviewed by

Wayne Gendel

Longevity Coach &
Developer of

Wayne Gendel 



Tahitian Noni - Origins and Destiny



14 Human Clinical Studies

Q. Are there human clinical trials that prove the effectiveness of Tahitian Noni® Bioactive Beverages?

A. Tahitian Noni® Bioactive Beverages are backed by multiple human clinical trials; TNI is the only company in the industry to use retail product in their studies. To date, 14 separate human clinical trials have validated the remarkable health benefits of Tahitian Noni Bioactive Beverages.


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"Noni - 14 Human Clinical Studies"

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So for those of you who would like to order product, please call or email Dianne and Wayne by clicking on the button on the right, and we will be happy to arrange for you to get, the best quality, in our opinions, Noni juice in the world!




Tahitian Noni Opportunity





         Linda Sepp 



"I would like to support Linda Sepp
because our government, unfortunately, has not,
even after years of requests.

I am all for giving other countries our assistance,
but only after our government learns how to
help our own people, our best resource,
who are in need first!"

~ Wayne Gendel,
    Forever Healthy


Linda Sepp leaves her High Park apartment on Tuesday.

If you choose to show your gratitude
for this call this way,
you may donate $5 or greater to help
Linda Sepp.

Thank You!


Toxic dilemma

Landlord, non-profit centre attempt to find replacement home for woman with chemical sensitivity, but without success

Published On Tue May 04 2010
Straight to the Source



"Find Joy in Every Moment and Please Live Forever Healthy!"
~ Wayne Gendel and Wellness Team




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